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我們的目標是遵循中華民族五千年以來的醫學與哲學,為社會提供高品質的中醫保健。我們提倡整體觀的療法,以治本為由讓健康習慣融入生活,鼓勵人們在生活中維持健康、預防疾病。 我們以「用心省真,關懷備至」之服務理念為宗旨,為顧客提供最好的品質。我們認為「人命至重,有貴千金」,如唐朝大醫家孫思邈《備急千金要方》第一卷《大醫精誠》中所述,醫者須具備精湛的醫術,並且要有高尚的品德修養; 而​醫道是「至精至微之事」,習醫之人必須「博極醫源,精勤不倦」。第二是誠,亦即要求醫者要有高尚的品德修養,以「見彼苦惱,若己有之」感同身受的心,策發「大慈惻隱之心」,進而發願立誓「普救含靈之苦」,且不得「自逞俊快,邀射名譽」、「恃己所長,經略財物」。

Our goal is to follow the medical and philosophical traditions of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which has been developed for over two thousand years, and provide high-quality TCM healthcare to society. We advocate for a holistic approach to therapy, focusing on treating the root cause of illnesses, so healthy habits can be integrated into daily life, and people can be encouraged to maintain their health and prevent disease.

Our service philosophy is to provide the best quality service with sincerity and care. We believe that “human life is valuable and priceless,” as stated in the first volume of the “One Thousand Gold Worth of Emergency Prescriptions” by Sun Simiao, a great physician of the Tang Dynasty. Medical practitioners must possess not only exceptional medical skills but also a strong moral character. The practice of medicine is “a matter of extreme precision and subtlety,” and those who study medicine must “explore the origins of medicine extensively and diligently.” The second aspect is sincerity, which requires medical practitioners to have noble moral character, to empathize with patients’ suffering as if it were their own, to develop a “compassionate heart,” and to vow to “relieve the suffering of all sentient beings.” They must not “show off their abilities for fame and fortune” or “exploit their talents for personal gain.”

What Is Aprico?

Aprico is a revolutionary multi-dimensional wellness platform pioneered by Yoyo Chan. In Aprico, you can choose appropriate product for your own body type.

How Body Type Affect Health?

Each person and every type of food possess a distinct thermal nature, which may be categorized as cooling, warming, neutral, hot, or cold. The objective is to eat a variety of foods to attain a well-balanced diet. Any imbalances within the body can lead to the onset of health issues, which may accumulate over time.

Why Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been used for over 2000 years to promote health, wellness, and balance in the body. TCM uses a holistic approach to health that takes into account the whole person, including their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Why Herbal Tea?

Chinese herbal tea is an important part of TCM, as it helps to balance the body and promote optimal health. At our Chinese medicine tea website, we are committed to providing high-quality, authentic Chinese herbal teas that are carefully crafted to promote health and well-being. We believe that TCM offers an effective and natural way to support your health and vitality, and we are proud to share this ancient wisdom with you.


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